Jan 4, 2017 HDMI is more than just a type of cable, and the latest version of the specification has been unveiled, bringing support for 8K resolution and Jan 6, 2017 And, as well as the displays themselves, to get HDMI 2. 3 Jan 4, 2017 HDMI is ready to embrace 8K resolution and other new picture technologies but it also requires a new type of cable to enable the 48 Gbps May 15, 2016 Now that 8K TVs are here, will the notable HDMI 2. 1 feature support including 8K video with HDR. The cable is backwards compatible with . 0, the current reigning champ of display cables, remain functional and reliable? We examine 48G cables enable up to 48Gbps bandwidth for uncompressed HDMI 2. 1 feature Originally Posted by The_Height_of_Folly So you're telling me that the Sony 4K that I just bought in October that comes with HDMI 2. That cable will also work with older HDMI 1. 0a won't Jan 4, 2017 To take full advantage of the new HDMI spec, you'll need a new 48-gigabit-per-second cable. 1 running at full whack you'll also need new cables that can support up to 48Gbps While High Speed HDMI cables can pass 4K resolution, will they release a new HDMI cable that is capable of passing 8K? Earlier this year the rumor mill Jan 4, 2017 Also supported will be 48G cables that can cope with a whopping 48Gbps of bandwidth, which will allow for uncompressed HDMI 2


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