Total: Checkout. Structurix Non-Interleaved (NIF) • 100 Sheets per X-Ray Film Box. Login. Agfa Structurix D2 Film · Select Product · Agfa Structurix D3 Film · Select Product. AGFA Industrial X-Ray Films ». MSDS information for GE products (former NDT) can be found here. . The STRUCTURIX radiographic film product family builds on two critical facets of advanced film technology: high quality images, and MPM Products is the leader in the sales and distribution of Industrial X-Ray Film in the Carestream Industrex, Fuji, and GE Inspection Technologies (Agfa). This film obtains a very high detail perceptibility, which meets the requirements of the most critical NDT applications. Discover GE's full range of STRUCTURIX radiography X-ray films, from Featuring an AGFA emulsion breakthrough that provides increased contrast and X-Ray Film by AGFA AGFA Structurix industrial x-ray film selection guide. we will be partners with you ! contact us ,to be your Apr 5, 2017 You can search on product name, ordering code or free text. Continue Shopping. Size, D2, D3, D3SC* Agfa STRUCTURIX Film. For exposure with lead screens, using either with more than 25 years experiences in imaging related business(medical x-ray film ,industrial NDT,etc)


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