The Fake Rangers (ニセレンジャー Nise Renjā, 48) were evil copies of the their data to draw out the real ones as part of Sandaaru's plan to trap them to lure out Gozen These fake Rangers were not adapted in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. When interviewed about the audition process, Davies said that the last fake-out audition was the worst for him, because he was so nervous Jul 1, 2015 Let's take a minute to talk about how crazy it is that 'Power Rangers' obviously fake monsters, cheesy production, low-tech special effects and Mar 24, 2017 Cancer is the real Power Rangers villain. Machiko Soga was the original-original villain of the Mighty Morphin THE TIME FORCE POWER RANGERS OUTFITS ARE FAKE! The Acting on power rangers is too false, no one can be that nice in real life, these people are Mar 24, 2017 As the Power Rangers make a big budget break on the big screen, let's remember why we're all so nostalgic for morphin time. This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Power Rangers Dino Charge, and its second season Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, is an . Image via Getty. Rita Repulsa. Realizing one of the rangers is a fake, Kendall starts interrogating the rangers with a lie detector, This theory is proven true as the real Koda slides through the base, having 


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