Bfg git cleaner

    5. And written in Scala. 12. This tool is used to remove large binary files that were accidentally Makes getting and using BFG Repo-Cleaner easier. The git-filter-branch command is enormously powerful and can do things that the BFG can't - but the BFG is much better for the tasks above, because: Faster : 10 bfg-repo-cleaner - Removes large or troublesome blobs like git-filter-branch does, but faster. BFG assumes that the last commit in your HEAD BFG requires minimum Java 7 since v1. Apr 15, 2014 Have you got some Git repositories that are exploding in size and using up too much of your bandwidth just to do a mere clone?. There is no UI, so you need to become comfortable running it from the command-line, but there is Apr 29, 2013 How can you purge them from the history of your Git project? Raspberry Pi running The BFG, cleaning commits about twice as fast a Dec 13, 2014 Tools can help with this, such as Roberto Tyley's BFG Repo-Cleaner for Git. Jun 15, 2016 BFG Repo Cleaner is a tool that allows you to remove sensitive files from your git repo history