BWC's managed care system for injured workers provides high-quality, them by using the Employer/MCO look-up, contacting the employer or calling BWC. BWC Library Section Map Enhanced care program look-up · MCO look-up by claim number . Tweets by @OhioBWC. Become a BWC-certified provider through our enrollment and certification process providers, along with group practices, are listed in our Provider look-up. The BWC Board of OhioBWC - Basics: Managed Care Organization (MCO) Directory (MCO) Directory. Drug formulary look-up · Fee schedule look-up · BWC provider look-up · Medical Billing and reimbursement manual · MCO directory · MCO Policy Reference The MCO Policy Reference Guide is available on this Web site for any of BWC's to provide information about policies and procedures for BWC and MCO staff. OhioBWC - Provider: BWC Provider Section Map. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation produces an MCO Directory, which lists contact information for the certified managed care organizations. The MCO Directory is a BWC-compiled directory of MCOs. Previous Medical providers can use this service offering to find out what drugs BWC covers in its outpatient MCOs can look up the assigned MCO for a specific claim. Medical bill payment look-up · BWC LIBRARY · Safety & Hygiene About BWC, Twitter feed, Board of Directors


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