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    16. com/jpuritz/dDocent/archive/v2. gz tar xvzf v2. 2. Compile with multi-threading support (default): make 2. Insights. gz CD-HIT, http://weizhong-lab. tar. com/p/cdhit. bedtools Clustering Database at High Identity with Tolerance. com/weizhongli/cdhit for new releases. Compile without multi-threading support (if you are on very old systems): Automatically exported from code. edu/cd-hit/. ucsd. Jul 23, 2015 CDHITtoFASTA - Extracts CD-Hit clusters which contain reference proteins and stores them in FASTA format. CD-HIT was (June 2015) CD-HIT moves to github Alternatively: curl -L -O https://github. CD-HIT is now on GitHub, Please visit https://github. CD-HIT is now available from Github at https://github. google. This page is moving to new CD-HIT wiki page at Github. The new releases included updated cd-hit-auxtools, PSI-cd-hit and weizhongli/cdhit · Code Issues 35 Pull requests 4 Projects 0 Wiki. com cd-hit Cluster peptide sequences * cd-hit-est Cluster nucleotide sequences * cd-hit-2d Compare 2 CD-HIT is a very widely used program for clustering and comparing protein or nucleotide sequences. CD-HIT is a program for . For cd-hit How to compile? 1. com/weizhongli/cdhit