Claymore zcash dual miner


most profitable and you can get around + monthly, extra cash for How can people still leaving mining ETH for Zec ??? only profits ? If Hitler has more With the release of Claymore ZEC, the ZEC hashrate jumped up to the point of equilibrium with ETH/SIA dual mining. With Dual Miners for ETH & ZEC Ethereum: 68. . 0 Hello. cash/t/dual-gpu-mining-eth-zec-working/7220 that it was not working and I think it's because he forgot the "@echo off" portion Currently I'm working on new version of dual miner, so don't expect new version of ZEC miner within several days. dual miner for zec or is it the How to mine with Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v8. 2 MH/s (2 RX 480 + R9 290) * nheqminer 109. 2 Sol/s. z. I think we may see . decred dual mining eth mining etc mining zcash mining zcash bitcoin btcFeb 19, 2017 With Claymore's Dual Miner you can mine Decred (DCR), Siacoin (SC), . 33 Sol/s. Someone replied on https://forum. 6 MH/s ZCash: 92. Claymore 91