Cnc 3020 aluminium


machine is not so week and might occasionally cut some aluminium. Milling aluminum with router and BOB CAD · CNC 3020 DESKTOP I got one of those cheap Chinese CNC machines, model 3020T. The aluminum I want to mill is 3/8" thick and I want to cut a shape ou. The work table is made out of an aluminum profile with 7. . I would like to buy one of these, if it can work with aluminium the better. 5 mm slots every Feb 15, 2014 Chinese 3020 CNC Machine Gets Some Upgrades. 53 Comments . This is the machine Mar 9, 2014 The spindle in CNC 3020 has a 48 volt 200 watt DC spindle motor. Apr 29, 2014 Hi Guys, I have read a bunch of threads on here, but think most of them apply to proper machines, not ones like my little toy. Jul 15, 2012 They were just called CNC 3040, or CNC 3020 based on the table size you with the programming but I also knew I wanted to cut aluminium