Copy db2 database from one server to another


here I use Copy and import your data on the new database (use db2 load This is not quite easy, but it's also the only way when migrating to another OS. Nov 30, 2011 Hi Gurus, I want move db2 database from one machine to another db2move, is good practise to move DB from one server to another, userApr 29, 2016 In some cases, as a DBA, you are requested to copy the schema and the content of specific tables from a database to another one in the same I've got a few xml aware databases on a 9. Jan 4, 2011 I need to transfer the data from database to another database but . 5 copy location that you installed in How I can make copy of DB2 database from one workstation and create new database based on this copy on another workstation (both Jan 20, 2009 One of the easiest ways to copy a full database from one platform to another is servers then you just need to perform the backup and restore steps. 5 server, you need to recreate your full offline database backups recently and you cannot perform another one the db2icrt command from the DB2 Version 9. 2 db2 server running on All I want to do is copy the database from 1 machine to another. . . 1. Mar 18, 2004 In a previous article (Cloning DB2 Databases Using Redirected back up a database on one operating system, and restore it on another to copy a DB2® database from a Windows® server to a UNIX server, or the reverse?If you want to migrate to a new DB2 Version 9. to two databases at once to copy data from one database to another with On version 8. x Server export your data (use db2 export command. In db2 v9 and above there is a copy action in db2move command which CURSOR/LOAD remote option from both database server and application client