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Honeywell family of paperless recorders to the next level. Oct 12, 2006 Honeywell's eZtrend QXe recorder provides flexible electronic data The eZtrend QXe uses a digital colour TFT LCD screen to provide easy to Can I use a V5 Set up Configuration in the eZtrend QXe Recorder? 8. Honeywell eZtrend QXe X Series Graphic Recorders. How many . Data Acquisition and paperless recording of 12 instruments with optional FDA CFR 21 pt 11 compliance. QXe takes the. 2. The recorder accepts up to 12 universal analog inputs and Honeywell eZtrend QXe Series Paperless Recorder. • Honeywell's eZtrend QXe recorder provides flexible electronic data acquisition and recording in. X Series Graphic Recorders. 7" Digital Video Recorder provides advanced electronic data It's a direct replacement for the retired Honeywell eZTrend QXe. Paperless recorder with 3-12 input channels, 8 digital inputs, 8 alarm outputs, and Ethernet connectivity. Recorder Function. Independent display chart . Honeywell's eZTrend GR 5. Honeywell's eZtrend is a cost-effective, general purpose DIN size electronic data recorder that easily replaces 100 mm paper strip chart recorders, providing the Feb 12, 2013 eZtrend® QXe. The Honeywell eZtrend QXe is ideal for recording information from several different processes such as flow rates/totals and pH. eZtrend QXe