It's used for streaming games as well as applications like handbrake. You could easily check whether specific CPU supports Intel Quick Sync Video technology to accelerate the video IntelĀ® Quick Sync Video saves customers time creating, editing, synchronizing, and sharing videos without additional hardware. Nov 12, 2015 Intel Quick Sync is Intel's hardware video encoding and decoding technology Check if your CPU supports the Intel Quick Sync technology. (The other is You can quickly check this by going to the 'Settings: Streaming' menu. See below for how to Any way to check if it really transcodes as Quick Sync? Do I have to use Intel 4600 as the main GPU for it to be able to "Quick Sync" the . Intel Quick Sync Video is Intel's brand for its dedicated video encoding and decoding hardware . Jul 18, 2014 If you are not sure what QuickSync is, check this article. Intel quick sync is a hardware accelrator for h264. It has been claimed that in testing it keeps the CPU at its lowest possible frequency to reduce power consumption in order to maximize battery life How to check Intel Quick Sync Video support. One of these options is having a processor that include Intel Quick Sync. will want to download the latest Intel Graphics Drivers for your Processor generation


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