May 23, 2016 Just days after Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith of 'PrankvsPrank' would be taking a break, Jesse revealed he has a long lost daughter and May 24, 2016 PrankvPrank -- Jesse Wellens & Jeana Smith Pics announced their split to fans, Jesse Wellens revealed he has a secret, long-lost daughter!May 23, 2016 When PrankvsPrank's Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith announced their split last week, fans were shocked. The couple had been together for May 27, 2016 Was Jesse Wellens' daughter the cause of his split from Jeana Smith? Fans have been wondering about Wellens' child ever since he tweeted May 21, 2016 Jesse Wellens's breakup with Jeana Smith is already causing plenty of drama. First rumors spread online that the BFvsGF star had cheated on Jesse was accused of cheating with a woman named Kristina Askerova shortly after him and Jeana Jun 30, 2016 BFvsGF Split: Jesse Wellens Says YouTube Was 'Toxic' for His with his teenage daughter while Smith remains in Philadelphia – echoes his 


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