Jmh maven example


Add the JMH maven dependencies to your pom file and then add a main Jul 26, 2015 Create a new Maven project with the following pom. <dependencies>. xml There are two dependency jars jmh-core and jmh-generator-annprocess , their names Jun 17, 2014 In this blog post I'll introduce JMH and show how it helps us to avoid these If you want or have to use Maven, just look at the JMH example Jan 15, 2015 It's really easy to setup and, thanks to the Maven archetype, we can quickly get a JMH project skeleton and get going. 0. The JMH Maven archetype will Nov 22, 2013 Let's start a maven project in our IDE and add the following dependency (mad props to Evgeny Mandrikov for putting it on maven central Feb 2, 2015 This post describes how to setup and run a simple JMH benchmark. Contribute to jmh-samples development by creating an account on GitHub. <groupId>org. now removed the old jar/samples and use the maven hosted dependency instead. openjdk. <!-- Benchmark code goes into src/test/java -->. This approach is Sep 16, 2015 The easiest way to get started with JMH is to generate a new JMH project using the JMH Maven archetype. The recommended way to run a JMH benchmark is to use Maven to setup a standalone project that depends on the jar files of your application. For that, execute the . jmh</groupId>. <dependency>. 0</modelVersion>. <modelVersion>4