Matlab write video

This MATLAB function creates a VideoWriter object to write video data to an AVI file with Motion JPEG compression. end close(gcf) %# save as AVI file, and open it using system video Reading and Writing Movies files in Matlab can read “avi”, “mpg”, and “wmv” movie files Some formats (including wmv) store video at a variable frame rate. To create an Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) file from MATLAB graphics animations Write frames, still images, or an existing MATLAB movie to the file by calling Sep 7, 2014 open the video writer open(writerObj); % write the frames to the video for u=1:length(images) % convert the image to a frame frame Jun 15, 2012 Here are some of the different ways to create movies in (core) MATLAB. Mar 2, 2012 If you have only 3000 frames, you can save them as images and make a video out of images using something like ffmpeg. Remember to use . The VideoFileWriter object writes video frames and audio samples to a video file. VideoWriter objects allow you to create video files from arrays or MATLAB movies. This MATLAB function writes data from an array to the video file associated with v