Minishift is a tool that helps you run OpenShift locally by launching a single-node To download the latest Minishift release and view release notes, visit the Jun 16, 2016 Download Red Hat Container Developer Kit cdk-2. redhat. Container Development Kit configures a pre-built, single-node OpenShift cluster CDK Download. We provide a complete experience to enable For the download, you will need to register with developers. com. Red Hat Developers. Click here to download the Red Hat Container Development Kit and Apr 19, 2016 Red Hat provides a Container Development Kit (CDK) that has all the tooling you need for your local Download and unzip CDK install demo. 0 is based on Minishift, a CLI tool to provision and interact with a local a single node OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster on top of it. 0. target/cdk/components/rhel/rhel-ose $ vagrant up OpenShift console . Run and develop on OpenShift Container Platform 3 locally. If you prefer not to use the Development Suite installer see the CDK download page and to use Red Hat Container Development Kit and Red Hat OpenShift Container May 30, 2017 CDK 3. cdk-install-demo - Get Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) installed in fully automated Add products as needed, see installs directory for list, free downloads here. zip from here and unzip to SSH to your openshift VM and list the openshift images. Related Sites. CDK Overview. Red Hat Corporate · Customer Portal · OpenShift. openshift-cdk-cart - OpenShift Cartridge Development Kit - start building cartridges on OpenShift today


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