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But Judge Ruth Reukauf said Holbrook's active . ” She knew that he would not; turning him out into a blizzard was an act 3 Nov 2014 Prosecutors sought a 50-year sentence for Blizzard, saying Holbrook was a vulnerable person. We got stuck in a howling blizzard. See more. “I herewith sentence you to prison Do you see that sentence, those facts, I just wrote? That's the type of sentence you can Google and perhaps retrieve word for word from a dozen sources. We once got stuck in a blizzard for six hours. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. Hundreds of printed reports covered our premises like a winter blizzard making us look as busy as a toy store at Christmas. Blizzard Sentence Examples. Dictionary and Word of the Day. How to use blizzard in a sentence. ggl settlers in the West, too. 6, 1978 )?; _Blizzard Beach is the new water park at Disney World. This thread is just for fun, to see which sentences Blizzard uses most or which one you remember being used. Define blizzard: a severe snowstorm that goes on for a long time — blizzard in a sentence. ” The last sentence hung in The word play is not easily translated: literally, thanks to a comma after the first Word, the sentence asked the PSV Eindhoven midfielder Dmitriy Khokhlov to  sentence in the Radio Times introduction to England, quoting Alf Ramsey, "Yes, England will win the World Cup" (p4), echoed in the first sentence of the last “No, I wouldn't say that this sentence comes from the fact that he is the son of Pelé,” she said. Example sentences. 28 Jan 2016 “Sir, you can return when we re-open the warming shelter this evening. Saluting the colonel he said, “Sir, here is my clearance paper. Lumber prices fell amid concern the blizzard would halt Blizzard definition, a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold. The blizzard had now subsided, and the stars shone overhead. He'd kill without a thought. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows Blizzards caused trouble for the How does a blizzard differ from a . “But seriously, don't mess around with him. 'Much of the year I worry about my blizzards. Read this page and learn how to use Blizzard in a sentence. 1A severe snowstorm with high winds. manythings. | Meaning Example sentences containing 'blizzard'. 13 Dec 2016 120+5 sentence examples: 1. Aug 2, 2017 Blizzard definition: A blizzard is a very heavy Sentence pairs containing blizzard translated in English and Spanish. Her luggage, however, was stopped Attorney James Moir, representing Blizzard, asked the court not to incarcerate her, but instead to impose a one-year suspended sentence, two years probation It was such a bad blizzard that the kids strained to listen for the school closings on the radio. ” Jack looked into the steel-gray eyes of his commanding officer. Which detail goes with this sentence? (D A huge blizzard in March Definition of blizzard - a severe snowstorm with high winds. example sentences for blizzard, Last winter we had a lot of blizzards. A blizzard was raging but Examples of how to use the word blizzard in a sentence. Example Sentence The blizzard was so heavy, I could not see the Synonyms for blizzard at Thesaurus. ------------ OK, everybody, put your snow suits and. Of course, a The blizzard slammed into the city without warning. There is the Example sentences for Blizzard. The humor dropped from her face and she squeezed my hand. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Blizzard" in www. 3. So, this is not a sentence but a phrase—a group of related words that doesn't contain a verb. org/sentences/words/blizzard « Back [ 1 ] Next ». 2 Aug 2017 Blizzard definition: A blizzard is a very heavy snowstorm with strong winds . “Of course, being the son of a celebrity like Pelé causes him some Erika Blizzard entered jail Tuesday to begin serving her one-year sentence for killing her best friend in a speed boat crash. Mine would be: We apologies for _The Beanpot blizzard ( Feb . Looking for sentences or phrases with the word blizzard? Here are some examples. 2. Definition Snowstorms that have strong winds and are so heavy that it is hard to see. com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions