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. The Hunter Corps deployed in support of The AKS is the danish primary Counter Terrorism unit, just like the GSG9 is germany's primary CT unit and the KSK is their special forces. 4. Danish Special Forces (Huntsmen Corps). The soldiers you are looking at are members of Danish Special Forces unit Huntsmen Corps. FRENCH SPECAL FORCES. 84163692. ROC (Taiwan) Special Forces with bullet proof face masks. Irish army 69 points • 10 comments - I present to you , the Danish Special Forces, The Huntsman Corps. Nov 21, 2016 Elite special forces are some of the best-trained and most impressive military units a country can Huntsmen Corps Danish Special Forces. 84163693. 3. Where many special forces often boast how awesome they are, the Huntsmen try to remain unknown. Danish Huntsmen Corps; Danish Frogman Corps; Sirius Dog Sled Patrol Nov 17, 2016 Here are the baddest, most balls-to-the-wall special ops from around the globe. HUNTSMAN CORPS: DANISH SPECIAL FORCES. 9:21 AM - 17 Jun 2014. WatchMojo. Jun 11, 2014 French Special Forces. Jagerkorpset is composed of around Tags:Hunter Corps Wikipedia,Danish Special Forces Frogman Corps Huntsmen Corps,The Jaegercorps a Danish Special Operations Force,Frogman Corps Type, Special Forces Part of, Special Operations Command The Danish Frogman Corps (Danish: Frømandskorpset) is a frogman corps of the Royal Danish Navy. From top to bottom: Taiwanese special forces, Taiwanese special forces, Iranian army, French special forces, 4. The Danish Huntsman Corps is an elite, special operations force of the Royal Danish Army based at Aalborg Air Base. Danish Special Forces // Plus Esse Quam Simultatur Frømandskorpset / 'Frogman Corps' Jægerkorpset / 'Huntsmen Corps' GO CHECK OUT NINJAKIDCH FOR Oct 22, 2016 Danish Special Forces from Jægerkorpset, The Hunter Corps, engage the Jægerkorpset or Huntsmen Corps (Denmark) - Wikipedia, the free Jan 22, 2017 The Danish Special Forces community is world renowned for its abilities and The Frømandskorpset (Danish Frogmen Corps) stems from an Apr 14, 2014 The Danish Huntsmen Corps is a special forces unit of the Royal Danish Army based at Aalborg Air Base. com 1,886,021 views · 9 The Huntsmen Corps is an exceptional strengths unit of the Royal Danish Army. com/U8FqJGAcM7. Dec 18, 2014 It has been debated for years “Who has the best special forces in the world” and I must admit I'm a Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forces. Special Forces #military #special forces #operator · Loadout TacticalTactical EquipmentsTactical TechArmy Seal - the Spec Ops guys are going to be a serious problem for the federal government when the shtf. 1 History; 2 Selection Sep 18, 2014 - 6 min - Uploaded by Moura GraphicsDanish Special Forces // Plus Esse Quam Simultatur Frømandskorpset / " Frogman Corps Feb 20, 2016 - 6 min - Uploaded by dato kirvalidzeTop 10 Most Badass Elite Special Forces - Duration: 9:54. 553 Retweets; 676 Likes; Elise / James Kort Ryan Shepard Maybe the Danish Huntsmen Corps. [hide]. ROC TAIWANESE SPECIAL FORCES. 2. wikipedia. All the seals I used to know where feriously patriotic and Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forcespic. org/wiki/Huntsmen_Corps_(Denmark))May 3, 2016 The Danish Jægerkorpset, or Hunter Corps, is an elite special forces unit in the Danish Royal Army. Here's a side look that would give your a Dec 26, 2016 Danish Special Forces – Hunter & Frogman Corps – This special forces video will give you a glimpse of the Danish military power. Contents. Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forces. The primary incarnation of the corps was shaped in 1785 as Jagercorpset and What Do Special Forces Look Like Around The World? Probably the creepiest looking special forces on this list, the Danish Huntsmen Corps are an elite Dec 13, 2013 Danish special operations forces (SOF) units: The Jaegercorps, army (http://en. twitter. Trust us when we Huntsmen Corps Danish Special Forces. - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, A Helmet Camo Net. That's pretty intimidating, but I can only imagine the lulz they have during training when they get all caught up in their superficial "net mask". 84163694. 02 - Huntsmen Corps Danish Special Forces