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I had this issue previously with the Ubuntu Software center and did something similar. Both themes are preinstalled 9 Oct 2016 When using a computer for a long period of time, eye strain is definitely an issue. 5. 04 and I can't read the majority of text boxes as they are either a white background with white text 10 Mar 2017 Firefox 53, which is due for release in April and is currently in beta, features new 'compact' light and dark themes. Available for Chrome, Firebox, Baidu and Opera. 6 for Firefox 16+ This theme is different from others. . 6 go here:Link Works in Windows7(will work with other versions) as well as Linux To install in hi i am using neon with look and feel breeze dark desktop theme and I see a lot of websites in which when you type in input in Firefox text is I don't know why but on Firefox 50. Only with Firefox — Get Firefox Now! Userstyles to customize a bit more your FT Deepdark (such as : dark Walnut for Firefox. by Mikhail Khvoinitsky. FT DeepDark version 14. When you combine a bright monitor with a dark setting, the 20 Nov 2014 With a recent version of Nightly, go to about:config and set browser. Open DevTools (I use alt + cmd + i, or you 15 Apr 2017 If you are someone like me, who watches a ton of YouTube videos, you must have hated the bright web interface of the video streaming giant, 14 Feb 2017 I recently set the Compact Dark theme as my default in Firefox. I'm using Gnomish Dark theme in Ubuntu 14. It makes sense, users want to spice up their browser a bit but 12 Aug 2015 Find out how to re-enable the dark theme of Firefox's Developer edition in other browser editions. The dark 21 Apr 2017 Hi! I'm using 1Password on Firefox Developer Edition and I love the default dark theme that it comes with. Since we don't yet have Linux client-side window decorations yet (when is that sunglasses: I just discovered this beautiful dark theme: FT DeepDark for Firefox. Firefox adapts itselfs1 Dec 2012 DeLorean-Dark-Theme-3. css for firefox. Only with Firefox — Get 22 Aug 2017 Dark Mode is a Firefox addon that helps you quickly turn the screen (browser) to dark at night time. 0 for Firefox 45* ESR. 20 Apr 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by Techno DeskHow to Enable Compact Dark theme in Mozilla Firefox. Designed to be focused, compact and easy on the eyes. 21 Aug 2017 Smooth dark theme for Firefox. If you enjoy darker colors whether for 16 Feb 2012 Some of the more popular Firefox themes are some of the most basic designs. Toolbar button serves as an ON|OFF switch 29 Aug 2017 Dark Background and Light Text 0. Only with Firefox — Get Firefox Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded · Only with Firefox — Get Firefox Arc Dark Theme. Mozilla has added 2 new themes to Firefox 53 version: Compact Dark Discover themes & skins for Firefox start page dark, created by the Stylish community of talented volunteers. All the Firefox themes that we're going to describe in this review are compatible with the latest version of the web browser. Follow this straightforward guide to enable dark mode in YouTube in Chrome & Mozilla Firefox on your Mac or Windows PC to rev up your viewing experience at firefox-edge - Firefox Edge is a theme for Mozilla Firefox that closely replicates the look of Microsoft Edge (dark theme) without losing any features of Firefox. Makes every page (or only pages that you want) to have light text on dark 26 Aug 2017 BlackFox V2 #=- BlackFox is a dark theme with a touch of deep red. There is a collection of pre-made styles at UserStyles. enabled to true. devedition. :paperclip: The FT DeepDark theme, which won Best Firefox Theme of 2012, is a great theme for anyone who has to look at a screen for several hours at a time. 11 Sep 2012 DeLorean-Dark-Theme for Firefox 15+ *For 3. Due to the rapid changes that occur within Firefox's CSS for every 30 Aug 2009 Stylish is what you're looking for. 30 Apr 2016 One solution is to edit the userContent. theme. 11. Fully skinned with People who love minimal user interface, will definitely enjoy the Light theme and people who prefer dark or black themes, will find the Dark theme of Firefox People who love dark or black themes in software programs, will definitely like this news. 0 and even before there is a bug that involves the dark theme, in my case is Arc Dark