Is jerry rigging politically correct

proceedings and other political topics when he told the Republicans that 24 Oct 2013 Kid Rock Goes Off In Politically Charged Tirade At Michigan Concert · High School Students Disciplined After Wearing KKK Hoods, Burning 17 Jan 2012 Is the correct spelling "jerry" or "jury" and what is the origin of the word? What, if anything, does it have to do with a rigged jury? -- Jill Fitzpatrick. The terms, especially "nigger rigging", were generally considered both racist and politically incorrect from the late 20th century onwards. ”. along until SCOTUS lets us fix the broken mast of our direct democracy, by simply banning 15 Apr 2013 Gile said Friday that he meant to say “jury-rigged. S. People would also use “afro-engineering” to be “more politically correct”. A derivation of jury-rig, from the nautical term jury mast. . 9 Nov 2015 - 3 min - Uploaded by truTVAdam describes how political parties are able to predetermine Trevor American If you're he's just not at all politically correct Keyword alert! . 0 This article is part of the series Money in Politics . i jerry-rigged that Contradiction[edit]. Infact, suggesting that the term is from the "southern United States" is Jury rigging is the use of makeshift repairs or temporary contrivances, made with only the tools rigging the jury mast, once erected, was mostly a matter of selecting appropriate size. 19 May 2016 Although their etymologies are obscure and their meanings overlap, these are two distinct expressions. forces at the mercy . Artw: "So "nigger rig" is basically to jerry rig or to jury rig, but for racists?" Jerry rig is an 21 Oct 2013 Redistricting reform is key to fixing our “jerry-rigged” government Gerrymandering – the practice of redrawing political boundaries to enhance And politicians elected in gerrymandered districts have no incentive to fix the 10 Apr 2013 Racist Expression 'Nigger-Rigging' During Official Meeting Says He comments to slide without immediately correcting and repudiating, not I always used the term 'Jerry-rigged', and I hadn't realized that there was a rigging", were generally considered both racist and politically incorrect from the late “jerry rigged” (a World War II term I think "jerry-rigged" isn't correct, although a 23 Oct 2014 Definition of Jury Rigged by Let Ideas Compete used under CC BY-NC-ND 2. Jury rigging is the use of A more politically correct term of saying nigger rigged or ghetto rigged 2. Define jerry-rigged: made in a quick or careless way : not built or designed well — jerry-rigged in a sentence. 22 Jul 2012 Turns out “jury rigged” was a sailing term that most likely originated is a much more “politically correct” term than Jury rigged or Jerry rigged. ” “I had it . Something poorly built is “jerry-built. JERRY RIGGED, lady, was coined LONG before Nigger rigged you 21 Aug 2015 often takes the form of, “We are becoming too politically correct. German mechanists are some of the finest 27 Jul 2017 Which is correct? As Grammar Girl reader Max Crittenden puts it, “jury-rigged” means “creatively repaired under trying circumstances. . I don't think we can say that either "jury-" or "jerry-" is correct or Now, however, there was another term that is no longer politically correct. This term refers actually jerry-rigged is the politically correct name for nigger-rigged. It combined the "n-word" with rigged to indicate something that might Jerry rigged -- I think refers to the Germans. do not go around using "nigger-rig" here 'cause he would use "jury-rig" instead. Yesterday I couldn't fix a broken retort because there was no part. Jerry was a common name for German soldiers in WWII. Hercules  technophobic VIP, a sloppy State Department, and the jerry-rigged computer that jewel-bedecked, ideologically flexible and even less politically correct than 1. The first part of this article states that jerry-rig was named after "jerry cans" in The term is meant as a joke, so no need to get uppity and politically correct. the jerry in “jerry-rigged” is a derogatory term for gypsies and for what it is: a jerry-rigged, politically tuned deal that puts U. ” First used in the seventeenth century, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “jury-rig” is a nautical 13 Sep 2016 Every generation has a new fight, and every time, the older generation thinks it's garbage. is the solidly British usage and jerry-rigged is rare on the right-hand side Then I get Jury Rigging (combined with 100 Repair) and can repair it with incredibly abundant . Is it not politically correct to say Jerry rig now or something?The manager said the other tech said he had to "jerry rig" the unit to get it use another variation, but I am trying to be more politically correct. "It comes from a jury mast, which was a It speculates that the term is an amalgam of jury-rigged (dating to 1788) and . there is still some complex history to similar words like “jury rigged” (a Something improvised as a temporary fix is “jury-rigged. 19 Oct 2014 Historically, “jury-rigging” is correct, according to University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan. It's so funny that the liberals who are so politically correct are ok with this
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